The first half of Training Camp is gone. The first two weeks of the preseason and now we are less than 20 days from the start of the regular season. Most franchises already have a good idea of ​​who will be their owners and reserves, especially in the main functions of the team. Still others still seek definition (in some cases even a miracle) in the position of quarterback , simply the most important of American football.

Jets, Texans, Browns and Broncos are the teams that find themselves in the difficult condition of not having a signal caller holder set on the eve of the premiere in the regular season . In Chicago, there’s even a definition – because of John Fox’s conservative style. And the situation in those early days should not change for the time being, as tests and position battles will certainly continue through the last days of preseason.


However, after a few weeks of training and two rounds of friendly matches already played, we can draw preliminary conclusions and point out who is taking advantage in the matches right now. In addition, it is worth mentioning a battle for position that apparently was resolved, but may have been reopened because of the exciting performance of a freshman.

Siemian ample favorite in Denver

It looks like a déjà vu from 2016 , but Trevor Siemian is again fighting in August with Paxton Lynch for the starting lineup and again he is winning. The certainty came after the duel against the Bears, in week 1 of the preseason. After starting the Training Camp practicing with the 1st team of the attack , Siemian did what he knows best: he played in a competent and risk-free manner, with short passes, with the same virtues and limitations as last year.

Lynch, on the other hand, was disappointed, showing slowness to do his readings, missing a few passes and taking only three first downsides in the four seasons he was on the field. Against the 49ers, after starting as a starter in Week 2, Paxton was not much better, adding miserable 39 yards in nine right passes and not leading the Broncos’ attack anywhere.

With each passing day it becomes clear that Lynch is not yet ready to start in the NFL and Siemian is the best option at the moment. The Denver Post newspaper, by the way, believes that competition between the two may have come to an end after Paxton’s performance on Saturday . It is only a matter of time forhead coachVance Joseph to announce the definitive ownership of Siemian.

In New York, the dispute is between McCown and Hackenberg

The three-headed Jets monster may have lost one of its parts. Bryce Petty is by far the quarterback who is receiving fewer reps at Training Camp 3 . Against the Lions, in week 2 of the preseason, it has even been used a lot, though this does not really mean much. Petty looks destined for the third quarter back position,and thus Josh McCown and Christian Hackenberg are left in the title fight.

Hackenberg spent most of his time on the field in front of the Titans, probably because the coaching staff had little idea of ​​what the sophomore was capable of and wanted to find out. The conclusion was this: in the words of offensive coordinator John Morton, “he is basically a freshman . In addition, Christian again was very tested in week 2 and the result scared: two complete passes in six tried during the first full time.

McCown, meanwhile, has received most of the training snaps with the starting attack and has recently been praised . That, Hackenberg’s bad performances and Morton’s words indicate that he is closer to being the starter in week 1 of the regular season – but nothing has yet been officially decided.

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