From TV money to ‘toll’ on city change

By 2015, the NFL relinquished its status as “nonprofits” and was no longer required to disclose its financial statements and, for example, the salary of commissioner Roger Goodell, who earned $ 44 million in 2012.

The league’s revenue these days would be a mystery if it were not for a team: the Green Bay Packers. The Wisconsin franchise is a separate affair, as it is the only one in the league across the United States not to belong to someone, a group, or family. Its owners are the community and, as a non-profit company, its balance sheets need to be published. That’s how everyone understands what’s going on with the NFL.

Packers are unique

The league is nothing more than a cooperative. All money from broadcasting, licensing and merchandising rights falls on a single fund, which is shared equally for each of the 32 teams. Knowing what the Packers win, you know what the league collects.

In the latest balance sheet released, the Packers reported that they received $ 244 million ($ 767.9 million) as their share of the national revenue. Multiplying the figure by each of the 32 franchises in the league, it is found that the NFL earned $ 7.8 billion in 2016.

The figure represents growth of 9.6% compared to 2015, leveraged by the new agreement with NBC and CBS, which agreed to increase from US $ 300 million (R $ 944.1 million) to US $ 450 million 1.41 billion) how much they pay for games on Thursday nights.

The price of the “reel”

Green Bay Packers also showed what the price three franchises will have to pay to move to another city. On balance, the Rams and Chargers’ trip to Los Angeles and the Raiders to Las Vegas accounted for $ 27 million more than revenue.

Money, in fact, does not yet exist. Rams and Chargers, according to Darren Rovell, will have to pay $ 645 million each for each of the 30 other teams, starting in 2019, with a 10-year debt repayment term. The Raiders will spend $ 378 million ($ 1.18 billion) to go to Vegas, starting to pay when the change really happens.

In total, each of the 29 franchises that will not move can end up pocketing up to $ 55.1 million (R $ 173.41 million) from the three roving teams.

The profit of the franchise

“We are very lucky to see this kind of growth that we had, and I am very confident that we will continue to see this, at least until the end of this collective agreement,” said Packers President Mark Murphy.

The franchise, which still added up to $ 197.4 million in local revenue, which does not need to be split with the other teams, closed the year with a profit of $ 65.4 million $ 205.8 million), despite having seen expenses grow by US $ 42 million (R $ 132.2 million).

Much of the money that goes out goes to the players’ salaries, which is why Murphy predicts that growth may be lower after the next deal. After the 2020 season, representatives from the players and the league will meet for a new deal. With the money cake growing more and more, the athletes will want a bigger slice for themselves.

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