For the brave who ventured to watch Florida’s “classic” between Jaguars and Buccaneers, one thing was clear enough: Blake Bortles does not seem to be in a position to be a starter in the NFL .

In the opening match of the second week of the preseason, the quarterback had a totally forgettable performance, raising several questions about his ownership during the season. So much so that the reserve, Chad Henne, went into the game while the rest of the holders were still on the field at the end of the second quarter.

Blake Bortles

On the sixth, Dudu Miceli gave an excellent review of Bortles’ pass mechanics , which explains much of the problem. Despite the difficulties in playing consistently, many analysts put a portion of the blame on the weak offensive line – which apparently served as justification for the franchise to keep the quarterback as a starter over the past three years. But Doug Marrone, a season opener in Jacksonville, has made it clear that the starting lineup is open .

Why Blake Bortles?

Curti has already explored a bit about picking the quarterback in the 2014 Draft . At first he was not even the main player of the position, but virtually guaranteed the top 10 pick status during the match . To have an idea, his physical and athletic ability made him compared to Big Ben Roethlisberger1 .

In fact, their measurements and results on physical tests impressed. At 1.96m tall and 105kg, the 40-yard shot was down 5 seconds – a mark considered good for any quarterback and above average considering its size and weight. In February 2014, Blake was the leader (among the quarterbacks ) in the vertical and horizontal thrust tests between position prospects.

Blake Bortles does not appear to be eligible to start in the NFL

Good athleticism was a kind of cake cherry in the match , as he showed good precision and strength in the throwing arm – something he had already shown playing in Central Florida. By the way, Bortles had a good production during college time , when he led a similar attack on the NFL for two years (without many spread receivers – or quarterback races ). When he started, he earned a respectable 22 wins and only 5 losses, drawing the country’s attention to his performances. Contextualizing, are great numbers for UCF – a program without much tradition.

The despair of the Jaguars

In the 2013 intercontinental Jaguars traded general manager and head coach David Caldwell and Gus Bradley respectively. At the time, the team came from a 2-14 trick, receiving the second overall pick of the Draft. The quarterback ? A boy named Blaine Gabbert. Around him, a rather weak cast, practically without wide receivers and an offensive line that oscillated between bad and bad.

The pair Caldwell and Bradley promoted a major renovation, made trades, and chose left tackle Luke Joeckel in the first round of (a weak) Draft in 2013. That is, whoever the quarterback was , theoretically the pillar of protection was guaranteed. The season came, Gabbert was very ill and suffered a shoulder injury, leaving the vacancy for Chad Henne.

There was no way: The Gabbert Project would be aborted. Thus, Blaine was traded to the 49ers for a sixth round choice. With several layoffs and hiring, the quarterback was missing . And here comes the brilliance of Blake Bortles during the match . Not enough, the University of Central Florida is in Orlando – just over 2 hours from Jacksonville. That is, it was the perfect marriage: a quarterback “idol” during college at a local university going to a franchise that came with great difficulties. It was not as if Jacksonville had an excuse that Bortles was too far for the scouts to know him.

Thus, the Jaguars surprised everyone and chose Bortles with the third overall pick of the 2014 Draft. Remembering names like Khalil Mack, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Aaron Donald and Sammy Watkins were available.

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