Now begins our series of previews at ProFootball. The previews per team (all 32) will be posted next week. Anyway, we will also post several texts with our guesses for the Super Bowl, the MVP, the Conference finals, the other prizes, the surprise, the disappointment, the team that has improved the most … Anyway, there will be a festival of texts predicting the season here on the site.

nfl 2017 preview

After listing the potential positive surprise , now we are going with the disappointment of the year. Here, it’s simple: try to give a guess that not everyone is thinking and that will surprise negatively. Our writers have made their guesses. What are yours?

Antony Curti : Dallas Cowboys. Second year freshman quarterback that excites me does not smell good to me. It’s just feeling, but the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott (six games, as I write this) adds uncertainty. The secondary is reformulated, we do not know who will be the main rusher pass of the team (nor if we will have one above average) … And to complete the calendar is complicated. There is a reasonable chance this team will be a disappointment in 2017. I just hope there is patience and no one wants to take Tony Romo out of the CBS booth.

Jean Souza : Atlanta Falcons. The hangover of the Super Bowl must hit all year long, especially now that they will have to get used to a new offensive scheme. The 28-3 should chase this team throughout the year. Couple this with the natural return of this attack and the result can be a mediocre year.

Murilo Romulo : Baltimore Ravens. Some time ago the Ravens are constantly fighting for the division title and making incredible duels against the Steelers. However, I bet on a significant drop in 2017. To begin with, the attack suffered heavy losses from all sides, starting with Joe Flacco and may not be 100% early in the season. With an offensive line shot, the ground game desanda, Flacco does not have time to launch and its receivers are weak. On the other side, the defense can do nothing to stop a rather weak season.

João Henrique Macedo : Atlanta Falcons. The Super Bowl curse strikes again. With the departure of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, the Falcons must find it hard to keep their rhythm offensive, even with maintenance of the main offensive pieces. Putting this to the tough table in 2017, due to the division title the previous year, there is the prospect of a major setback for the Falcons.

Gabriel Moralez: Atlanta Falcons. The disappointment here is neither the Falcons in general, but their attack. The departure of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan should signify a major regression to the franchise’s offensive system and quarterback Matt Ryan. Do not wait to see a pyrotechnic show, with the ball being distributed to everyone in the most creative and intelligent ways possible. The difference between Shanahan and the new coordinator Steve Sarkisian is great and will certainly be seen within the field.

Eduardo Miceli : Dallas Cowboys. The average regression should attack a team that has lost important members in the defense – and however much they have been replaced, it makes a difference to lose players who know the scheme. Without Ezekiel Elliott for a few matches and a painful schedule, the Dallas Cowboys will have a year short of what the optimistic supporter would like.

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