Straight final for the season has Manning family and one of the best Bears in history at WatchESPN

In just over a week, the NFL returns with everything, with the start of the regular season on Sept. 7. At the opening, the New England Patriots will present the Super Bowl LI banner and start the search for the sixth ring against Kansas City Chiefs of Brazilian Cairo Santos.

Eli and Peyton

To increase the expectation, WatchESPN is bringing a special selection of films, videos and documentaries with the oval ball as “protagonist”.

Check out last week’s schedule, reminding you that everything will be available for the sports fan to watch whenever and wherever they want.

Wednesday (8/30) – 8 days – Broke – The most famous players in major American leagues receive millions of dollars in salaries and advertising contracts. Even so, many end up going bankrupt at the end of their career or after retirement. The documentary shows how the lack of maturity and preparation makes these athletes squander their fortunes on cars, mansions, jewelry, planes, designer clothes, nightclubs in trendy restaurants and nightclubs, and poor financial investments.

Thursday (31/08) – 7 days – In Search of Derrick Thomas – The documentary tells the story of Derrick Thomas, one of the best football players in history and idol Kansas City Chiefs, from childhood to his tragic death at 33 after a car accident. It also shows the journey of Matt, son Derrick never knew he had, in his quest to meet his father.

Friday Before These Were Cowboys – The documentary tells the story of two extraordinary men linked by the initials of their names, the numbers of uniforms (60 and 61) and fate. But they were also reunited by Frank Broyles, the legendary coach who taught them to make their own stories. Broyles is just one of the witnesses of the old-time movie, when Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson were the stars of Arkansas Razorback in 1964.

Saturday (02/09) – 5 days – Gruden QB’S CAMP – JOSHUA DOBBS – Special program led by former quarterback Jon Gruden NFL (National Football League), featuring Joshua Dobbs, the team’s quarterback of the University of Tennessee, recruited by Steelers in the last draft.

Sunday (03/09) – 4 days – The Book of Manning – The film tells the story of the Manning family’s passion for football. Father Archie was a star at the QB position at the University of Mississippi and then at the New Orleans Saints. His footsteps were followed initially by his eldest son, Cooper, who had his dreams in sport interrupted by a spinal stenosis. After him, his brothers Peyton and Eli became successful quarterbacks – both were No. 1 pick picks and won Super Bowl titles. The film features award-winning actor and voice actor John Gooden, interviews with several members of the Manning family, as well as friends, former teammates and former coaches, and numerous home-grown photos and videos never before seen. Director Rory Karpf shows how a tragedy shaped the progress of Archie’s life and his family.

Monday ( 04/09) – 3 days – Rand University – Randy Moss became known for his brightness on the American football field and also for his problems outside of him. The documentary recalls Randy’s problems with the law in his hometown, the opportunities he missed from playing at Notre Dame University and Florida State, how he managed to excel at playing for Marshall University and his NFL career playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

Tuesday (05/09) – 2 days – Gruden QB’S CAMP – DESHAUN WATSON – Program led by former quarterback Jon Gruden NFL (National Football League), with the participation of Deshaun Watson, the team’s quarterback of Clemson University, recruited by the Houston Texans as early as the first round of the last Draft as the 12th overall pick.

Wednesday ( 06/09) – 1 day – The ’85 Bears – The 1985 Chicago Bears was one of the best football teams in history. Thirty years after winning the Super Bowl XX, former players like quarterback Jim McMahon and defensive tackle William “The Refrigerator” Perry and former coach Mike Ditka of Chicago Bears recall the success of that season.

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